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Anonymous asked: what is "good pussy" serious question here



pussy that make u think about being a father

Oh my god stop hahahaha

Posted on 26th Jul at 10:36 PM

Yo tumblr I’m not dead I just haven’t had interwebs since Tuesday.

Comcast really knows how to fuck up your telephone poles.

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howdy y’all the names is Sasuke Uchiha. I dislike a lotta’ thangs, and I sure dun like anything. What I have ain’t no dream ya hear, because you can betchur smart ass imma make it a reality. I’mma restore my clan ya see, and pop one at certain someone.

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does anyone actually track their periods because i dont im too lazy and its just like this really terrible surprise that i dont want every month and me trying to convince myself that theres no way its been 4 weeks already

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